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31st March 2022
@CaptureControl Kickstarts #AlteredApril Challenge

Tomorrow, the In Control (@CaptureControl) Twitter page will kickstart its month-long celebrations dedicated to Jesse's debut adventure and its wonderful virtual photography community. The page has posted a month-wide challenge filled with fun daily prompts, starting with the leading lady. 

Throughout the month, players will bounce between beloved characters, locations, objects, and filters. 

If you're interested in taking part in the challenge check out the prompt list below, use #AlteredApril for your creations, and make sure to follow @CaptureControl!

1. Jesse
2. Executive Sector
3. Hiss
4. Vibrant Filter
5. Service Weapon
6. Officescape
7. Mail Room
8. Ahti
9. Maintenance Sector
10. Shadows
11. Black Rock Quarry
12. Noir Filter
13. Pipes
14. Architecture
15. Dylan
16. Containment Sector
17. NPC
18. Panopticon
19. Altered Items
20. Gloomy Filter
21. Powers/Abilities
22. Red Light
23. Research Sector
24. Atmospheric Filter
25. Mold
26. Videotape Filter
27. Ashtray Maze
28. Paranormal
29. Action
30. The Director 


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