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23rd February 2022
Final Hours Of Our Carnival of Rust Vinyl Giveaway

We're in the final few hours of our Poets of the Fall giveaway, but there's still time to enter! Up for grabs is a signed Carnival of Rust vinyl. 

Known in the Remedy community as the real-life band behind the Old Gods of Asgard, Carnival of Rust is Poets of the Fall's second studio album. The vinyl edition was released in late-2021 with a very limited signed version following earlier this year.

Entering the giveaway is simple! All we want to know is your favourite Poets of the Fall song. (Old Gods of Asgard songs are also allowed!) You can let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The competition will end on Friday, February 24th at 11:59PM UTC. (The prize will be sent in late March, but I will keep you up to date on all progress!) 

You can read the terms and conditions, HERE


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