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22nd February 2022
Alan Wake's American Nightmare Turns 10! [Updated!]

This February, Alan Wake's American Nightmare turns ten! Originally starting off as a smaller Fight Til Dawn mode played at the studio, the adventure soon developed a story mode and turned into a full Xbox Arcade title, a spin-off from the Alan Wake storyline. Built in just eight months, the game bridged the gap between Alan Wake and Remedy's "next big thing", Quantum Break.

For the anniversary, we wanted to take a look back at some of our AWAN-themed articles. We had launched the site just a few weeks prior, on February 4th, and in the community, Alan's next adventure was THE THING to talk about. For our first interview on the site, we spoke to Ilkka Villi, the physical actor for Alan Wake, about his work on the original and what it was like returning to the role. There was also some pretty perfect trailers to promote the new addition to Remedy's catalogue at the time too. And years later, we looked back at the development of the title in a special retrospective

If you haven't played it yet, there's currently an offer on the PC editions of the game! To celebrate the milestone, Remedy has announced a 75% discount on Alan Wake's American Nightmare on GOG, Epic Games Store, and Steam

Updated: For Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Poets of the Fall returned to record two new songs, Balance Slays the Demon and The Happy Song. As part of our tenth-anniversary celebrations, we're giving away a signed vinyl of the band's second studio album, Carnival of Rust. Click HERE to learn more!


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