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29th January 2022
Lunar New Year 2022 Sales

Next week is Lunar New Year, and to celebrate, the video game sales have already begun! As we enter the Year of the Tiger, GOG, Steam and The Humble Store, have reduced prices on a long list of titles, including Remedy adventures. If you're looking to take on some new adventures, check out the list below! 

And I hope everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year have a fantastic and safe time with loved ones. 

If you've yet picked up Control, you may want to visit the GOG Lunar New Year Sale which features Remedy's latest title at 70% off and DRM-free. Control Ultimate Edition contains the main game and all previously released expansions (The Foundation and AWE), alongside the Expeditions and Photomode. 

Control Ultimate Edition (-70%)

Click HERE to see the GOG Lunar New Year Sale!

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is back! This year, they are spotlighting certain games within Remedy's catalogue. If you've recently joined the community with Alan Wake Remastered and looking for new adventures, you might want to check this sale out!

Max Payne (-65%)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (-70%)
Quantum Break (-75%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-70%) 

See all the Remedy discounts on Steam, HERE!

The Humble Store Lunar New Sale is the most comprehensive selection of discounted Remedy titles available in the Lunar New Year sales so far, allowing players who purchased the original base game of Control to expand on the experience with The Foundation and AWE

Max Payne (-65%)
Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne (-65%)
Quantum Break (-75%) 
Control (-70%)  
Control Expansion #1: The Foundation (-60%)
Control Expansion #2 AWE (-60%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-70%) 

Visit The Humble Store Lunar New Year Sale, HERE

While it may not be specifically tied to the Lunar New Year, Remedy recently announced a number of discounts on their official store, that we wanted to give a shoutout to! These include...

Alan Wake Remastered Full Logo T-Shirt (currently €15,00)
Alan Wake Remastered Logo T-Shirt (currently €15,00)
Alan Wake Remastered Hoodie (currently €33,00)
Control Mold-1 Art Poster (currently €9,90)
Control Early Mold Art Poster (currently €9,90)
Control Reflective Woven Tote Bag (currently €9,00)
Bright Falls Souvenir T-Shirt (currently €15,00)
Death Rally Vintage Remedy T-Shirt (€19,00)

You can visit, the Remedy Store, HERE!


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