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11th February 2022
New Alan Wake & Control Items on the Remedy Store
Plus Valentine's Day Deal

This week, four new pieces of official merchandise joined the Remedy Store ahead of a special Valentine's Day deal!

Let's take a look at the new additions...

First up is a knitted navy Alan Wake 2 beanie, featuring the game's tagline "monsters wear many faces". The hat is topped with a rather sweet-looking navy and grey bobble, perfect for those chilly winter mornings. On the same lines, the second item is a Remedy beanie knitted with 55% cotton and 45% acrylic. The hat is a simple but sleek design, with the Remedy logo printed on a tag to the side, and limited to only 50. Both hats have been priced at €29.

Moving on from apparel, there is an oversized mousemat now available on the store featuring Leonardo Calamati's incredible artwork of Jesse standing at a threshold. The soft, fabric mousemat measures 80x30cm and is 3mm thick. It is washable and is made from polyester and nylon, with a rubber underside to ensure smooth gaming. It is the most expensive of the four items, at €45. 

Our fourth and final item is my personal favourite, the Bright Falls 'Elderwood National Park' and 'Dark Presence' Scented Candles. Created and hand-poured locally by a small company based in the north of Finland, the Elderwood National Park provides owners with a relaxing pine smell when lit, with the Dark Presence offering a liquorice smell... because Finland, of course it does. A pair of them are priced at €19, the cheapest of the new additions. 

If you're looking at putting in an order, you may want to hold off until Monday (February 14th). If you purchase Control, Alan Wake or Death Rally merchandise, you get an extra one for free. 


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