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8th December 2021
Smilegate Teases "The Game Awards" Appearance

Smilegate has been hush about CrossfireX since Gamescom, but their latest tweets suggest a change coming this week.

Over the past few days, the game's social media channels have posted two cryptic messages. The first represents a Global Risk system hacking into an intercepted Black List transition, currently at 21%. The code is displayed as a box of numbers and letters, with a red dot beneath a "9" and a "12".  

The second is a location being analysed, with a progress bar marking 63%. 

The codes indicate that something will be announced at The Game Awards which is due to take December 9th, and is promising to share some new teasers from upcoming games. Remedy has always credited Smilegate as being CrossfireX's IP owners in their financial reviews, ensuring that investors know that they wouldn't be divulging any information about release dates. Although they were able to share that they are currently in the polishing stage with the project coming to an end when conducting their Q3 financial report last month. 

We'll know more tomorrow! 


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