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6th December 2021
Sam Lake Joins Tomorrow With Rovio Episode #26

Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) recently sat down with Ben Mattis (Studio Head at Rovio Montreal) for his podcast, Tomorrow With Rovio.

In the latest episode, Sam talks about how he joined the studio, Remedy's Connected Universe, fan creations, and the evolution of narrative within games. 

Tomorrow With Rovio is a podcast series that explores the future of video games by talking to tech industry leaders to learn their own perspectives. Since its debut, they have spoken to individuals such as Scott Reismanis (Founder of &, Stella Wang (Co-Founder & CEO at Dazzle Rocks), Ted Price (President & founder of Insomniac Games) and Kim Pallister (General Manager at Intel).

You can watch a trailer below and listen to the entire episode on the Rovio website, HERE


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