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13th April 2021
Control Arrives On PS1 in April Fool's Day Trailer

Over the past few years, Remedy has treated fans to a variety of different April Fool's over the years, from Alan Wake Wars, to their new coffee enterprise. This year they were back with a video that truly represents how disconnected time has felt this past year, with gameplay footage of Control as it would have been on the original PlayStation.

Created by Remedy's Principal Gameplay Designer, Tommi Saalasti, that dastardly mind turned back time with a Control showcasing the game in all its majestic 1996 pixelated glory. Though, it does bring up some questions. Where has this been all our lives? Can we still talk to plants? Why is "Security Centre" misspelt? Why has Jesse Faden suddenly developed a Captain Janeway action bob? The answer to all of those questions is yes. 

You can see the full gameplay video below!


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