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11th April 2021
Weekend Sales & New Control Steam Collection

 Today we have two small pieces of news for you this weekend! 

The first is about a brand new Control bundle on Steam which packages both the Alan Wake and Control series into one neat collection. Simply titled the Control Ultimate Edition and Alan Wake Bundle, the pack contains Control Ultimate Edition (£34.99), Alan Wake (£11.39), Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras (£6.99), and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. At its standard price, the pack costs £59.56, but as it just launched on the platform, it is currently 15% off, just £50.62. You can buy the collection for yourself or purchase it for a friend via the Steam website.

You can see the collection, HERE

Speaking of sales, it's getting to be that time of year again, and this weekend there are two additional offers to watch out for. Alongside the Control Ultimate Edition and Alan Wake Bundle on Steam, Quantum Break is currently 75% off. If you've not checked out the game yet, make sure to take a look. Please fix time, we're begging you, time has no meaning anymore. The game is currently discounted as part of the Xbox Games Studio Publisher Sale, which wraps up on Monday 12th April at 18:00 BST / 17:00 UTC.

View Quantum Break on Steam, HERE

The final sale is The Humble Store's annual Detective Hamble Sale which spotlights games with a mystery. Included as part of the offers is Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Both games are 70% off if you buy separately, or 75% off if you buy together. 

View the Detective Hamble Sale, HERE.


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