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19th November 2020
Smilegate's CrossfireX Delayed Until 2021

Previously slated for a 2020 release, Smilegate has just announced that, due to unforeseen challenges throughout this past year, CrossfireX now will be launching in 2021.

The news of the delay came via a post published on the official CrossfireX Twitter page, in which they stated that "after much deliberation, and in consideration of the challenges faced by the Smilegate development team due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of CrossfireX to 2021. Moving our release will allow us to deliver the Crossfire experience on console our team set out to create. We'll have more to share the future." The post was signed, "the CrossfireX Team".

Previously a PC-only series, it was during the XBOX E3 Media Briefing 2019 that Microsoft announced a new partnership with Smilegate, which would see their upcoming game, CrossfireX, brought to the platform. Alongside the multiplayer campaign, developed by the Korean developer, Remedy has also been building a story mode campaign. You can learn more about their partnership and the single-player mode, HERE.

As for the delay, we're heavily on Team Take-As-Much-Time-As-You-Need. CrossfireX would have been a highlight of our year, especially with Remedy's story mode campaign, but 2020 is not your standard year. If delaying it makes it easier on the devs and makes them a little safer, absolutely delay it! We look forward to playing CrossfireX in 2021!


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