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21st October 2020
New Poets of the Fall Alexander Theatre Session Out Now!
Episode 10: Children of the Sun

Poets of the Fall is back with their tenth Alexander Theatre Session, and it's an extra special one! 

For their October release, Children of the Sun, the band teamed up with Triosis+, forming the largest acoustic performance so far seen on the Alexander Theatre Sessions. It's also my personal favourite from of the ten sessions they've released so far this year, as they delivered a performance both reassuring but also hauntingly beautiful.

The song was originally released on 30 September 2016, the fifth song on the band's seventh studio album, Clearview. The album shot to second place in the Finnish charts upon its release. A music video, directed by Saku Perintö, was uploaded on the band's YouTube channel six months later. 

The latest Alexander Theatre recording was filmed by Miika Hakala, Mauri Hiltunen and Tiia Öhman. It was directed, edited and mixed by Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen. The performance was arranged by Poets of the Fall and Triosis+, and was recorded by Poets of the Fall and Ville Riippa. Lights were by Tuittu Teivainen and Miika Hakala. Hair and make-up on the day was by Minna Parikka.

Children of the Sun (Alexander Theatre Session) is now available on Spotify , iTunes , Amazon , and Google Play!


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