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11th October 2020
Watch Remedy's Quantum Break Broadcast Here!
[With Elmeri Raitanen and Thomas Hudson]

Last week, Remedy was back with their third and final Twitch broadcast of the season. This time they travelled back to Riverport for a special Quantum Break throwback.

For the livestream, Vida Starčević (Community Manager) was joined by Elmeri Raitanen (former Lead VFX Artist) and Thomas Hudson (former Senior Designer) in an hour-long interview in which they talked about their experiences developing the game and how their approach differs from Control

Accompanying their discussion, the studio played through sections of Quantum Break, jumping between various levels. At the start, they explored Ground Zero (Act 2, Part 2) before moving on to Port Donnelly Bridge (Act 4, Part 1) and then the Monarch Gala (Act 3, Part 2).

You can watch the broadcast in full below or on the Remedy Twitch channel, HERE!

At the start of the year, Remedy made the move to work remotely, as part of the international effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The precautions also impacted the studio's livestreams, with developers since calling in remotely (and sometimes internationally!) to talk about their experiences and answer community questions. For this year, Remedy also approached the livestreams in "seasons" announcing their Summer and Autumn schedules at the start of the seasonal change. The Autumn broadcasts have now wrapped up, but if you missed any, you can still catch up! 

     The first Autumn livestream was "Story in Control! Let's play AWE and chat with the writer and narrative designer!" with special guests Brooke Maggs (now Senior Narrative Designer) and Clay Murphy (now Senior Writer). If you missed it, you can catch it up HERE!

     The second Autumn livestream was "Sound in Control! Let's play AWE and chat about making sounds for games!" with special guests by Sam Hughes (Audio Designer) and Juha Vainio (Executive Producer). You can rewatch it, HERE!

(We'll switch the video below to the YouTube link once it's available on the official channel.)


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