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31st August 2020
Courtney Hope AMA On ControlRemedy Reddit Channel
[September 1st at 18:00 BST]

If you have any questions that you would love to ask Jesse Faden, this is your chance! Tomorrow afternoon, Courtney Hope will be doing a community AMA on the fan-run ControlRemedy Reddit channel

The session will be held on THIS thread, with Courtney joining fans on September 1st at 18:00 BST / 10:00 PDT / 20:00 EEST. 

Courtney Hope portrayed Jesse Faden in Remedy's recent title, Control. For her performance, the actor provided her likeness, voice, and movements. She also recorded the game's brief live-action sequences and joined in with various international marketing campaigns as the lead actor, where she talked about her journey from TV to the FBC. Control wasn't her first Remedy title though, having previously brilliantly portrayed Beth Wilder in Quantum Break (2016). 

Source: ControlRemedy Reddit Channel


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