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23rd September 2020
Remedy Reveals Twitch Livestreams For Autumn

Remedy is back with a new series of livestreams taking place throughout the autumn. Over the coming weeks, the team will be taking a closer look at Control and turning back time with Quantum Break

Starting this Thursday, the broadcasts will be hosted by the studio's Community Manager, Vida Starčević who will be talking to a series of guests including Brooke Maggs (Senior Narrative Designer), Clay Murphy (Senior Writer), Sam Hughes (Audio Designer), Juha Vainio (Executive Producer), Thomas Hudson (Lead Gameplay Designer) and Elmeri Raitanen (Lead Visual Effects Artist).

The autumn Twitch schedule... 

First up is "Story in AWE and Control" scheduled for September 24th (5pm BST / 7pm EEST / 9am PT). Joining Vida on the livestream will be Brooke Maggs and Clay Murphy, who worked on the narrative team for both adventures. 

The second stream will be taking place on October 1st (5pm BST / 7pm EEST / 9am PT) and will be tackling the "Audio in Control". While the guests for the broadcast haven't been announced, the most likely candidates are Sam Hughes and Juha Vainio.

For the final livestream of the season, the developers are shifting things up with a look back, "Quantum Break: Back In Time". The guests likely to be appearing are Thomas Hudson (former Senior Designer) and Elmeri Raitanen (former Lead VFX Artist).


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