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21st August 2020
Remedy Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Blog Post & Cava

To celebrate the studio's twenty-fifth anniversary, a new blog post was published on the official site detailing the company's history and how they're celebrating 2020. 

In their post, they talk about the studio's origins in the Finnish Demoscene, the growth of the company, and the developer's virtual celebration with current members. The post also included quotes from fans who had contributed to Remedy's #RMD25 hashtag on social media, and Sam Lake's interview with Complex from 2016. You can read the full post on the company's website, HERE

In the piece, they also make reference to some of the ways that they're celebrating the milestone internally. "That shirt everyone is wearing? Every year, we create a special garment for our employees – usually, it’s a hoodie, but this year we made a celebratory 25th-anniversary shirt." With the arrival of the new shirts, a small handful of developers met up for an impromptu photoshoot (below), with the photo later published on the company's Instagram. A gift basket containing Villa Conchi cava and that 20th-anniversary t-shirt was also sent to each of the devs at their remote offices ahead of today's celebratory Zoom meeting.


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