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3rd July 2020
The Steam Summer Sale Features Discounts on Max Payne & Quantum Break [Plus New Digital Points Store Page!]

It wouldn't really be Summer without a Steam Summer Sale and... this is definitely not your ordinary Summer. With thousands of games available at a discounted price, it's definitely worth a delve into if you're looking for some escapism or new adventures. 

Included in the temporary price reductions are both Max Payne titles developed by Remedy, which are 65% off individually or 70% off together. Quantum Break receives the best discount at 75% off with its soundtrack at 50% off. You can see the full list of discounts HERE!

In addition to the sales, Valve is also running a points-based digital store where players can buy game-specific items such as emoticons for chat, if you have at least two hours invested in it on the platform. You can check out the digital store place, HERE! I bought some more Alan Wake emoticons. It was delightful.


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