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2nd July 2020
Remedy Celebrates Launch of The Foundation On XBOX One With Livestream [Catch Up Here!]

Last week, Remedy held their second livestream of the Summer, celebrating the XBOX One launch of Control's debut paid-DLC pack, The Foundation! In the new level, Jesse must delve into the depths of the FBC at the urgent request of the Board. To provide a glimpse into what the new expansion had to offer, the studio livestreamed the first hour of the five-hour-long adventure.

Hosted by Vida Starčević (Remedy's Community Manager), the broadcast featured special guests, Adam Persson (Level Designer on Control) and Elmeri Raitanen (Art Director on The Foundation and Lead Visual Effects Artist on Control), plus extra special feline guest, Hertta.

At the start of the year, developers at the studio made the move to work from home, as part of the international effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The precautions also extended to the studio's livestreams, with their latest broadcast marking the studio's fourth remotely held show and second Summer event. With the developers taking a seasonal approach to the livestreams, Vida has teased that their broadcasts will return this autumn. With lockdown easing off in Finland for companies, it's possible that the next one will be based back in Espoo at the Remedy offices.

In case you missed the broadcast, you can catch it in full below or on the Remedy Twitch channel, HERE!


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