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12th June 2020
Control Set To Join PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X

Yesterday evening we got our first glimpse of the PlayStation 5 and heard about some of the new titles that will be coming to the platform. For fans who took to social media as the livestream wrapped up, we also saw some unexpected Control news from Remedy.

PS5 Reveal. The PlayStation 5 reveal show was incredible, featuring new trailers and gameplay footage from some of the titles due to launch on the console including Stray (BlueTwelve), Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Insomniac), Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac), Hitman III (IO Interactive) and many more. If you missed last night's broadcast, you can watch the full event on their YouTube channel, HERE

Closing the event, Sony played a montage of PS5 developers describing the potential of the platform and the future of gaming. While Remedy didn't reveal any news during the event, if you were quick, you might have caught a familiar face as Kyle Rowley (Game Director at Remedy) made an appearance! Despite time constraints, he describes how the future of gaming allows for "more iconic, interesting characters, more atmospheric, immersive worlds for players to explore". He later expanded on Twitter, although obviously maintaining studio secrecy, stating "just want to add that, I'm very excited for both the #PS5 🎮 and the #XboxSeriesX . They both are hype as 🔥🔥🔥. We are cooking something special for @remedygames fans :)."

Control News. Moments after the evening wrapped up, 505Games tweeted an announcement on social media revealing that Control would be coming to both XBOX Series X and PlayStation 5, and that more information is to come. 

While nothing beyond the initial confirmation has been announced, the tease has kindled a lot of interest in what the next-generation edition will look like. 

As Control's release date was so close to the console-switch over, a relaunch of the game as a "Definitive Edition" or a "Game Of The Year Collection" for the new generation of consoles may have always been on the books. While we can only speculate, it's possible that we may see something such as "Control: Declassified" or "Control: The FBC Collection". Traditionally these relaunches would come with all the DLC included, with some possible graphical improvements to take advantage of the new technology, and occasionally there might be an additional mission or outfit exclusive to the version too.

Of course, we don't know anything for certain about these future editions, only that Remedy and 505Games will be bringing Jesse's adventure to next-generation consoles. We look forward to writing about the new editions of Control as soon as we hear more! 


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