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13th June 2020
Laced Records Reveals Control Vinyl Collection
[Available to Pre-Order!]

Since 2017, Laced Records has been working with game studios to bring their soundtracks to life on vinyl. Over the past three years the studio has collaborated with developers such as Arkane Studios, Eidos-Montréal, Gearbox Software, Hello Games and many more, and last night they announced a brand new collaboration!

Composed by Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen, Laced Records will be bringing Control's gorgeous soundtrack to vinyl. In addition to the game's instrumental soundtrack, Sankarin Tango and Poets of the Fall's Take Control will be joining the list of tracks. Pre-orders went live last night alongside the first glimpse of the collection. 

There will be sixteen tracks in total, on the two 180g vinyl LPs, themselves housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. In the digital mock-ups, the design mirrors the game's aesthetics, with a minimal black exterior. "Control Original Game Soundtrack" marks the spine, with the back showing a full playlist (in white) under a black pyramid. Inside, the vinyl LPs (one black, one red) are secured in protective inner-sleeves with a complementary design. 

The Control collection is currently available for pre-order at £33, with a shipping date set for late August/September. You can check out the store page, HERE

Side A: Et Ratio Principalis (PA), Counterfeit (MSA), Intro - Portam Ad Inferno (PA), and Voces Ignotas (PA). 
Side B: Vantage (MSA), Observer (MSA), and Nihil Est Simplex (PA). 
Side C: Lichen (MSA), Metamorphosis (PA), Summon (MSA), Soror Et Frater (PA), and Furnace (MSA). 
Side D: Finis Est Principium Alterius (PA), Vapour (MSA), Take Control (POTF), and Sankarin Tango.


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