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4th June 2020
Community Spotlight: RyouRyou's Stunning Recreation Of Jesse Faden's Service Weapon

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights and celebrates amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. Today I'm excited to talk about RyouRyou's exceptional task to recreate Jesse's Service Weapon! It's a project that he's been hard at work on for several weeks, and one that he completed earlier last month.

Making its debut in the opening shot of Control announcement trailer during the Sony Media E3 Briefing 2018, Jesse's Service Weapon was one of the earliest indications that Remedy's latest adventure may not be entirely what it seems. While appearing to be a living and breathing entity, the gun would also take on different forms, depending on the selected weapon type. 

As you can imagine, the prop has been one of the trickiest aspects for cosplayers to create, with many who choose to attempt the mammoth task selecting materials such as foam or cardboard to create a convention-friendly version. The materials also allow for easier customisation or alterations, but the shape of the gun still provides a struggle for even experienced designers and cosplayers. Suffice to say that while fans loved the look and feel of the gun in-game, recreating it is no easy matter. 

Earlier this year, Japan-based designer, RyouRyou began a project to faithfully recreate Jesse's service weapon in plastic using his brand new 3D printer. The journey would take him several weeks and required lots of fine-tuning; measurements had to be precise, any faults would be amplified, and doing one printing run just wasn't an option. If all that sounds far too easy, he also decided to double his workload, by not only attempting to faithfully recreate the gun in a closed, neutral position but also in the revolver-style extended "Grip" formation. The project is ambitious, to say the least!

Source: RyouRyou's Twitter

While the occasional update would be posted about the project's progress with a brief teaser, RyouRyou kept quiet about what exactly he was working on. It was only earlier this month, on May 3rd, that those teasers were put in perspective when RyouRyou published a selection of photographs from his completed project. 

With ten pieces needed to be printed to give the weapon its iconic look, the project in its entirety took just over three weeks to build, from initial designs to the final product. The handle stays the same, but there are four components that click into place giving the service weapon very different looks; two for the neutral position and four for the extended "Grip" format. To secure the prop, RyouRyou also created a special briefcase embellished with the iconic Black Pyramid symbol and with custom-made foam inserts to secure each of the parts. 

The results were absolutely seriously mindblowing with the Service Weapon looking like it has just been pulled from the game. Each aspect of the game has been clearly carefully analysed and selected, mirroring its digital counterpart exactly. The paintwork is also spot-on, giving off just enough reflection as it did in the game's trailers but balanced with just enough matte that makes the style of it properly screen-perfect. It looks too good to be real, but it's all there!

Both versions of RyouRyou's service weapon. Source: RyouRyou's Twitter

I absolutely love this project, and how creative and precise it demanded RyouRyou to be to complete it. We recently caught up with the brilliant man to talk to him about his experiences working to bring the service weapon to life:

First of all, we'd love to know more about you!
I am Japanese living in Japan. I usually work as a designer for a company. I've loved games and crafts since I was a child, and recently I've been making fan art for games in various ways as a hobby. I've been a big fan of Remedy Entertainment since the first time I played ALAN WAKE, and CONTROL was another title I was very excited about! Oh, and my age is a secret...XD 

Jesse's Service Weapon that you built looks INCREDIBLE. Where did you come up with the idea to try and recreate it? 
I've wanted to recreate the Service Weapon since the time I saw the trailer, before CONTROL was even released. I've always loved [the design of] fictional weapons and vehicles that appear in games and movies, so I guess it was only natural that I was drawn to the Service Weapon. 

Creating the yellow barrel. Source: RyouRyou's Twitter

How did the project get started?
I had a 3D printer at home, so the whole project was done at home. Because of this difficult situation in the world, I was working from home more and more, so it was probably a good time for me. At first, I used the in-game photo mode to get a good look at the Service Weapon and take pictures to use in my materials. Of course, we didn't have detailed dimensional data, so we decided from the size of Jesse's hand and the dimensions of an actual large handgun, and started designing using 3D CAD software. 

For the past few weeks, you've been sharing work-in-progress photos on Twitter. To create the service weapon, were you using a program that you were already familiar with or were you learning as you went?
Actually, I've only recently installed a 3D printer in my home, and this is the first time I've done a full-scale production. I had used software and 3D printers several times for work, but this was my first time using them personally, so there were many things I didn't understand and it was a lot of work. 

The extended form of the service weapon. Source: RyouRyou's Twitter.

So what materials is it made out of? Because the more I look at it, the more complex it looks! 
Except for the weight embedded in the grip to give a sense of weight, everything is made of ABS resin. Because of the size of the 3D printer, we couldn't output the whole thing at once, so we designed it in several parts and output it. 

In the game, the weapon feels almost organic, as though it's living and breathing creature. For that similar feel, you've created two versions of the gun; one where it's compact and another where it's more separated. That must have been so much work! What made you want to double your workload and make you want to create two awesome styles?
One of the main features of this weapon is that it transforms as if it were alive, so it was a goal from the beginning of the project to recreate that. Sure, it doubles the amount of work, but it's an uncompromising point in terms of recreating the service weapon, so I decided to create two versions. 

Both versions of the service weapon. Source: RyouRyou's Twitter.

How challenging was it to create two very different versions of the same gun? And why did you choose to have them as switchable components rather than two separate guns? 
At the beginning of the plan, there was an idea to make a deformation mechanism in the body of the gun and transform it into two shapes with a single gun, but I decided to make each gun separately because of the difficulty of design and the difficulty of securing strength. I came up with the idea to make the parts switchable when I was dividing it into several parts due to its size. A toy that can be transformed into a different shape by replacing parts, that's so exciting! I thought I'd make the parts switchable so I could stuff it into a briefcase and play with it. I made this one almost on a whim.

What was the hardest part of the project?
The most difficult part was the process of assembling the individual parts. The 3D printer I used is an FDM system, which leaves a stacking mark on the finished parts. I polished them one by one by hand and put the parts together, but it was not easy. There were many parts that needed to be fine-tuned to fit together, so that was the most labour-intensive process. 

Both versions of the service weapon inside the custom briefcase. Source: RyouRyou's Twitter.

From start to finish, how long did it take you to build the service weapon?
It took 25 days from design to completion. It didn't take that long to design it, but it took a long time to actually print it out on the 3D printer. I learned a lot about the accuracy and output time of the 3D printer, which I will use in the future.

Seriously your project was stunning. My final question is... are you a wizard and is magic real?
I'm glad you said it was magic. But it's a secret whether I'm really a wizard or not." The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest." [to quote] ALAN WAKE!

A huge thank you to RyouRyou for taking the time to talk to us! You can follow his adventures on Twitter at @Ry0u_Ry0u


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