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25th June 2020
CrossFireX Open Beta Now Available on XBOX One

After months of anticipation, CrossFireX has now moved into open beta, allowing XBOX One owners to jump on board its multiplayer campaign and try out the series on the platform for the first time.

The game was originally announced last year during the XBOX E3 Media Briefing, in which Phil Spencer announced a brand new partnership with Smilegate Entertainment. The result of the partnership sees their upcoming game, CrossFireX, launch on the XBOX One in 2020, marking the first console launch for the series. Originally a PC-exclusive brand, the move to console is a bold choice for Smilegate who hopes the switch allows them to expand their audience into new markets, having already established more than 650 million registered players since 2007. The reveal also announced that the game would come with a single-player story-mode campaign, developed by Remedy Entertainment. More details were announced a few months later at X019 in London, with new interviews and new gameplay footage, although a more concrete release date wasn't announced. 

A few days ago, details emerged on the Microsoft Store, revealing that open beta would start on June 26th. The CrossFireX social media channels immediately sprung into action revealing new promotional images, details of when the closed and open betas would be rolling out, as well more information on new community hubs such as a dedicated Discord server. We've detailed everything that happened, HERE!

Today, CrossFireX's open beta has begun! If you own an XBOX One and Gold Membership, you can join in the action right now until June 28th. You can get started by visiting the game's page on the Microsoft store (HERE!), where you can download the game to your console.

You can find out more about the Beta on the Official CrossFireX website, HERE!

Players who check out the beta version of the game ahead of the full launch will unlock a special axe embellished with the game's logo:


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