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23rd June 2020
Gamespot's Play For All Charity Campaign To Feature Remedy Roundtable [Updated: Watch The Full Conversation Here!]

Later today, Brooke Maggs (now Senior Narrative Designer), Mikael Kasurinen (Director) and Sam Lake (Creative Director) will be sitting down with GameSpot for their fourth week of Play For All to talk about what inspires them.

Their feature is due to last two hours and is listed in the scheduled as the "Charity Stream: Remedy Games Roundtable". The session is due to start at 12pm PT (8pm BST / 7pm GMT / 10pm EEST). You can watch it on their website, HERE!

[Update 24th June: In case you missed it earlier, the full two-hour roundtable discussion with Sam, Mikael, and Brooke is now available on Gamespot's YouTube channel. You can watch the full video below!]

Play For All is a charity event organised by GameSpot featuring news, interviews, previews and more, with the goal of helping healthcare workers battling COVID-19. The event combines the escapism that video games can give during the pandemic and the opportunity to do some good with the money raised from the event. Over the past few weeks, the site has featured guests such as Troy Baker in his own special stream, as well as shown exclusive new gameplay footage such as F1 2020. While a number of websites have moved to a remote online-event schedule, GameSpot is one of the few using their reach to raise money for frontline workers through COVID-19 Direct Relief and to help battle racial injustices through Black Lives Matter. You can see the full schedule on the site, HERE


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