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22nd June 2020
New Reddit Post Reveals New A.W.E. and Upcoming Patch Details & New Blog Post Shares Tips For Fans Jumping Into The Foundation

Last week, Remedy's Community Manager, Vida Starčević posted an in-depth letter to fans covering a number of topics ranging from work going on at the studio, to the launch of Control's A.W.E. DLC pack, as well as details for an upcoming patch.

In her post, Vida reveals that, while The Foundation was a three-month timed-platform exclusive for PlayStation and PC (The Epic Store), the next DLC pack, A.W.E., will be launching simultaneously on all platforms.

She also expands on plans for the upcoming patch due to coincide with the launch of the new expansion, "when AWE launches, we'll also be releasing a free update for all owners of Control. This free update will include adding checkpoints to some of the tougher fights towards the end of Control's main campaign, and Control Points will be moved closer to certain boss fights so that you will get to the boss faster should you die and respawn. We're working on rebalancing some of the combat encounters as well. Other things are also in the works, including some stuff specific to the PC version, but we'll talk about those closer to launch!"

While it won't impact fans who already have completed the game, the more user-friendly checkpoints will help gamers who have struggled with the final levels or wants to replay the title. Personally, we're really excited for the update!

You can read Vida's full letter, HERE!

On the topic of DLC expansion packs! The Foundation is due to launch on XBOX One, and to celebrate, Antonela Pounder at 505Games spoke to a number of fans who have already checked out Jesse's latest adventure to hear what tips they would give to XBOX fans about to dive in. 

For the article, she spoke to DotPone, Jack Higgins, ludovic, Patrick, Jonathon Garrard, James Pietrzycki, Suspiria72, Shinobi, TJ Marinelli, and Ab.Rhman Moh'd.

You can Antonella's article, HERE!


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