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24th April 2020 & IGN Explores How Game Studios Have Adapted To Working At Home [Updated With New Articles!]

Game studios all around the world have been made to change the way they work, in ways that no one predicted a few months ago.

In the new article, James Batchelor at spoke with international developers to see how they were coping with the new safety regulations and how they were continuing their work on upcoming titles even when their country is facing a nationwide lockdown.

For the piece, James spoke to two developers at Remedy; Sam Lake (Creative Director on Control) and Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director on Control) about working from home, accompanying the piece with photos of their workplace setup; Mikael showing his dedicated office space and wireless workspace, and Sam proving that everyone has those exact same white wire shelves.

You can read the full article at, HERE

[Update 2nd April 22:36] IGN recently published an article exploring how studios transformed from working in-house to working remotely. In his new article, Tom Power, spoke to Anna Donlon (Executive Producer at Riot Games), Patrick O'Kelley (Cheif Operating Officer at Bungie), Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy), and Thomas Grip (CEO at Frictional Games), about the transformation within the companies, and also to Sarah Crowe (Community and Social Media Manager at CheckPoint Charity) who spoke about the overall mental health impacts faced by developers.

You can read the full interview at IGN, HERE!


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