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23rd April 2020
Control's April Update (v 1.10) Now Live
Includes Improvements To The Foundation DLC Pack

Control's April Update (v1.10) is out now on XBOX One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via the Epic Store).

News of the update was posted in an article on the official Control website, by 505 Games' Senior Brand Manager, Antonela Pounder, which also detailed all the changes that the development team have been working hard for the past month to improve.

A number of the updates focuses on The Foundation, Control's first expansion pack which launched four weeks ago.

The full list of updates include:

  • Fixed the issue where the Golden Cube in the Astral Toilet is not respawned right away if Jesse throws it away.
  • Fixed the issue where Marshall may disappear during the final boss fight in The Foundation.
  • Fixed the issue where Hiss Barriers keep Jesse trapped inside the Pillar room in the Upper Warehouse.
  • Fixed the issue where the Hotline message from Marshall “The Foundation” collectible is not collected if the player moves past it fast enough.
  • Fixed the issue where Jesse was not invincible while Evading. You get those iFrames back! Please use responsibly.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of the Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform side mission to make it easier.
  • Fixed the issue where the Astral Constructs menu has the wrong text for the Infinite tier weapon and personal mods.
  • Various localization fixes.
Thank you to the Control development team working on the updates in the face of everything going on right now. I hope you're all staying safe and keeping sane! 


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