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25th March 2020
Select Media Reveals First Glimpse Of Control's Upcoming Mission The Foundation DLC
[Coming To PS4 & PC on Thursday 26th]

With Control's first expansion pack, The Foundation, coming to PS4 and PC this week, select media outlets have been getting an exclusive first glimpse at the upcoming level.

Below is all of the information we've managed to collect about Jesse's upcoming mission:

The Story. "The Foundation" takes place after the events of the main game, and sees Jesse defend The Oldest House from the Astral Plane which has begun seeping through to our dimension. The mission forces the newly appointed Director to enter the caves beneath and prevent the imminent threat. Meanwhile, Helen Marshall, the FBC's Head of Operations is on her own path to follow instructions given to her from Director Trench, with possible ties to the disaster on their doorstep. In the first expansion pack, Jesse discovers more about Marshall's sudden disappearance and The Board she serves.
(Highlight to reveal).

If you have any questions regarding unlocking the upcoming mission, 505 Games' Senior Brand Community Manager, Antonela Pounder has published a comprehensive FAQ for The Foundation on the official Control website, HERE!

Early Previews For The Foundation:

Control - The Foundation DLC review: Victory Lap
PC World

As with the main game, a big part of the joy of Control: The Foundation remains seeing just how surreal and uncanny the game’s visual environments become, so it’s best to refrain from giving away too many of the bigger beats and details here.  The short version here is that The Foundation evolves a lot of what the main game sets up. You get to see more of Jesse grappling with her newfound responsibilities as the director of the bureau. You get to learn a little more about the enigmatic and extradimensional Board and the history of the Oldest House. To say anything more risks giving the game away.

Read Fergus Halliday's preview, HERE

Control Is Getting Some Cool New Abilities

Grow my little rock friends, grow! Control is full of fun paranormal powers you can use to manipulate its world. The Foundation downloadable expansion coming to PS4 and PC on March 26 adds a few more. One of them is called Shape and it lets you sprout giant barnacles to create platforms you can hop on to reach new areas.

Read Ethan Gach's preview, HERE!

Control: Foundation expansion Preview: Grab a Pickaxe & Explore


Foundation takes place in the literal foundation of the Oldest House, a cave-like system described as a favourite vacation destination of the mysterious “janitor” Ahti, and accessible purely through a stone monolith found in the bowels of the Bureau. Playing as Director Jesse Faden, the player is tasked to the location in order to track down Helen Marshall, the hard-ass Head of Operations who disappeared in Control’s main campaign. The search for Marshall quickly gets thrown to the side as we discover that the Astral Plane is slowly seeping into our reality, and as all things at the Bureau seem to do, threatens life as we know it.

Read Steve Wright's preview, HERE! 

The Foundation is Set to Be a Great Reason to Return to Control 

The new area introduced by The Foundation DLC is stunning to look at. Essentially an underground cave system, you could believe you’d been transported to Mars what with all the red rock. And on your way to investigate the strange disturbance – apparently the Astral Plain is seeping into the real world – you’ll notice there are some new enemy types. The Foundation likes to throw Hiss-corrupted miners at you, who deal considerable damage with their pickaxes should they make contact.

Read Richard Seagrave's preview, HERE
Early-Released Footage For The Foundation:

Control: The Foundation - Easy Allies Impressions
Easy Allies

Control DLC The Foundation (5 Minutes of Gameplay)
Joy Freak

Control: The Foundation DLC - Shape Ability Gameplay 
GameSpot Gameplay

Remedy To Livestream The Foundation on Friday:

For their second live stream of 2020, Remedy will be returning to the world of Control to show fans the latest mission. For the upcoming broadcast, Community Manager, Vida Starčević, will be joined by Sergey Mohov (Senior Game Designer), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), Adam Persson (Level Designer) at 7:30pm EET / 10:30am PDT / 9:30pm GMT.

You can watch the broadcast on the Remedy Twitch channel, HERE

Image from the @RemedyGames Twitter Channel.

How to Play. The Foundation is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC (via The Epic Store) on March 26th, and to XBOX One on June 25th.

To be able to play the new mission, you will need the Control Season Pass available on the PlayStation or Epic Games stores. If you have the Control Standard Edition, the Season Pass can be purchased separately for £19.99, and will also allow you to play the upcoming A.W.E. mission. If you have purchased the Control Digital Deluxe Edition, the Season Pass is already included in your pack. Alternatively, it you want to buy The Foundation separately, you can buy the add-on Control Expansion 1 'The Foundation' for £11.99.

With the new expansion pack coming to PS4 and PC tomorrow, the PlayStation store is currently offering the main game with a 60% price reduction. Check it out HERE


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