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16th March 2020
IGN & PlayStation Blog Reveals The First Look At Control's Expansion Pack, The Foundation

With ten days left to go before The Foundation launches on PlayStation 4 and The Epic Store, IGN has just posted an exclusive reveal of the game, which includes a new trailer, new screenshots, and interviews with Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), Sergey Mohov (Senior Game Designer), Thomas Puha (Communications Director), and Courtney Hope (Lead Actor).

Written by Matt Kim, the IGN article is packed with new information about Jesse's upcoming adventure, and Antonela Pounder's article posted just moments after on the PlayStation Blog teases even more!

But first, if you're an XBOX owner, something in this post may have already have jumped out to you...

Launch Dates. If you are playing Control on PlayStation 4 or PC (via The Epic Store), The Foundation will be coming to you on March 26th. Until now, there's only been the one date given, but unfortunately, the expansion pack will be coming to XBOX One on June 25th. We'll let you know about any further information regarding the XBOX One edition of the game as we near the date. For any community members being left out as part of the business deal, we'll do our best here to hide any spoilers for the game beyond what's communicated in marketing.

The Mission. "The Foundation" takes place after the events of the main game, and sees Jesse defend The Oldest House from the Astral Plane which has begun seeping through to our dimension. The mission forces the newly appointed Director to enter the caves beneath and prevent the imminent threat. Meanwhile, Helen Marshall, the FBC's Head of Operations is on her own path to follow instructions given to her from Director Trench, with possible ties to the disaster on their doorstep. In the first expansion pack, Jesse discovers more about Marshall's sudden disappearance and The Board she serves.

(For those interested in the background music, the song is "24" by the band, Not Waving. You can check out the full track on YouTube, HERE.)

The trailer itself is narrated by Brig Bennett who gives life to Control's Helen Marshall, "Trench is dead. I'm the only one left. Well, orders are orders, even if they come from a dead man" concluding the video with the short statement, "what a mess".

On average, the new mission is expected to take players between 4-5 hours to complete and can be accessed by heading to the Hotline Chamber after the game.

New Skills. The upcoming expansion pack also brings a new skill called "Shape" and a new Service Weapon upgrade called "Fracture". According to IGN, Jesse's new skill won't be exclusively used for combat, as Shape will also allow Jesse to interact with her environment, such as creating a new platform for her to step on or allowing her to solve puzzles (or "Rituals"). Speaking of puzzles, for those who loved sleuthing in the main game and solving codes hidden in the environment, Sergey teased that you may find a few more in this upcoming pack.

New Enemy Type. With a new level, there's also a new enemy type! These mysterious beings lurk in the caves under the Oldest House and are called "Hiss Sharpened" which Antonela warms to be "particularly challenging". This new enemy is ruthless and will relentlessly come at you from different directions, in an attempt to snag you with their pickaxe.

March Update. If that wasn't enough, alongside the expansion pack, there's also a free update which sees new improvements made to the map, and the option of reallocating Ability points using Essence at Control Points.

How to Play. The Foundation is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC (via The Epic Store) on March 26th, and to XBOX One on June 25th.

To be able to play the new mission, you will need the Control Season Pass available on the PlayStation or Epic Games stores. If you have the Control Standard Edition, the Season Pass can be purchased separately for £19.99, and will also allow you to play the upcoming A.W.E. mission. If you have purchased the Control Digital Deluxe Edition, the Season Pass is already included in your pack.

Source: IGN and PlayStation Blog
Screenshots Source: PlayStation Blog


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