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17th January 2020
Throwback: Building Remedy's Death Rally Arcade Cabinet
[Remedy's 25th Anniversary]

In 2020, we're celebrating Remedy Entertainment's 25th anniversary with the community, including regular features looking back across their entire catalogue from Death Rally to CrossFire X. Each title or live-action series will be getting their own dedicated month, starting with Death Rally (1996) for January. We're also going to be using the hashtag #Remedy25 for all of our celebrations throughout the year, and we'd love for you to join us! 

In Alan Wake's American Nightmare, players can interact with a Death Rally arcade machine located against the wall in the projector building. The cabinet is a nice throwback to the developer's original title, but did you know that the year before, a full-scale playable version was actually created at the office?

In 2011, Remedy posted photos of a new side project at the studio which saw a Death Rally cabinet being put together, using an existing frame for Sega's Sports Jam.

As it was made for another game, the controls needed switching over and the original drilled holes filled in. The insides were also switched over with the help of the IT department allowing it to play the game, one of the very first changes made to the cabinet. Finishing details were made as the important vinyl wrap bearing the iconic promotional image was gently applied to the frame.

While the game was already fifteen years old as the cabinet was being constructed, the title was receiving a lot of coverage at the time!

In 2009, Jari Komppa worked with the studio to port the game to Windows in a free update posted on the Remedy Forums. And between the release of Alan Wake (2010) and Alan Wake's American Nightmare (2012), Remedy was working in collaboration with Mountain Sheep and Cornfox &Brothers to bring the 1996 title to mobile devices, before expanding the game to PC in 2012. It was a big time for the IP! 

Returning to 2011, the Death Rally cabinet was constructed in the entrance of the third studio, the building where Alan Wake was developed. But hile there are photos shows the work being completed, we haven't actually seen the arcade machine since in photographs or video tours.

Check out the photos below to see how the Death Rally cabinet was constructed:


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