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16th January 2020
Adam Persson and Sean Donnelly Provides Developer Commentary Over Bryonato's Control Speedrun

With a fantastic time of just 49:35, Bryonato's speedrun of Control for GamesDoneQuick grabbed a lot of attention, including from Remedy itself! This was Bryonato's sixth attempt at beating his any-percent full speedrun record, with the latest video shaving a minute of his time.

In a new video for IGN, Remedy Entertainment's Adam Persson (Level Designer) and Sean Donnelly (Lead Gameplay Programmer) provided developer commentary overlapping Bryonato's impressive run. During their conversation, they commented on things ranging from glitches to parts of the level which weren't intended to be manipulated.

As the speedrun covers the entire game, if you haven't completed Control, you may want to avoid the video for now.


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