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9th December 2019
Following Extra Life Livestream Reveal, 505Games Denies Claims That Control Is Coming Soon To XBOX Games Pass

During an Extra Life charity livestream this week, Phil Spencer (Head of XBOX) revealed that Remedy's latest game, Control, will soon be coming to XBOX Game Pass.

However, 505Games have since publically denied the announcement stating that the information was "incorrect".

In the full announcement, Spencer praises the game saying, "I thought Control was really good. It didn't reach enough people, so I'm glad to see that it's coming to Game Pass, so hopefully, more people will play it because it's a game that should be played, from our friends at Remedy. We love Remedy."

505Games have since denied the report, and responded by saying that "we have no news or announcements regarding Xbox Game Pass at this time." Microsoft representatives have also confirmed to Polygon that the game is not due to join the lineup at this time.

Whether an accident or last-minute alternation behind the scenes, Spencer's decision to indirectly talk about the game sales in his statement in the midst of the praise by stating "it didn't reach enough people", and in turn, the potential financial aspects of the title, is an unusual one. Despite having an employee count of over two hundred, the developers remain independent, having no parent company or publisher. And while Remedy worked closely with Microsoft for the development of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the companies are separate from one another. Instead, Remedy is a publically owned company with additional financial backing sought through publishing deals and partnerships. One of the partnerships revealed in the studio's previous financial report was Sony, which the developers would want to protect as they continue development of Control's upcoming DLC packs.

If you want to hear more about the reveal, Polygon has a fantastic article about the statements. You can read the full piece, HERE.


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