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10th December 2019
Control Wins Four IGN 2019 Awards
[Including "Game of the Year"]

With the end of the year speeding ahead, IGN has just announced their top picks of the year with Control claiming a number of top spots across several categories.

In addition to winning the highest honour of Game of the Year, Control has also snagged Best Action/Adventure, Best Story, and Best Art Direction.

To celebrate the awards, Sam Lake (Creative Director) shared the news with fellow developers in a special recorded announcement that was uploaded to the 505Games, Remedy and Control social media channels, along with social media channels for the developer's previous work.

Transcription: Hello. This is Sam Lake from Remedy. I am here with a few of the wonderful, talented people from Control team. We have just received news from IGN, that in their "Best of 2019" awards, our game, Control, has won the award of the "Best Action/Adventure Game of 2019", the "Best Art Direction Award of 2019", the "Best Story Award of 2019", and Control is IGN's "Game of the Year". Thank you! Thank you so much. This means so much to us. Remedy is an indie studio. Control is a passion project. We took some risks with the game; we wanted to create something unique and original and that's always a huge risk. We are very proud of the game ut you never know what the reception is. Getting validation like this, that you deem Control to be award-worthy means so much. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has played the game, and supported us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Congratulations to the Control team, both developers past and present on your brilliant success!


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