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29th November 2019
Community Spotlight: James Bowers' Fantastic Dr Casper Darling Cosplay

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights and celebrates amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. In 2018 we switched things up a little with each month having its own spotlighted fan and fan project. This year we're continuing the tradition, and for October, our selected was James Bowers who rocked it as Dr Casper Darling at MCM London Expo.

MCM London Expo is one of the largest conventions in the UK. The event is held twice a year; once in Spring and once in Autumn, and boasts some of the biggest names in attendance. The show brings autograph and photo sessions with actors and artists and holds exclusive and packed talks, but without a doubt, the most dominating aspect of the show is the cosplay. As someone who has cosplayed before at the event, I know how thrilling and also intimidating the show can be. It's a show for both people starting out with the hobby and also for experienced cosplayers who wire electronics into their suit. And on top of that, there's always press attention.

For someone looking to start out the hobby at the show, it can be a very attractive opportunity, especially given the rarity of the events themselves, but also quite the challenge. Which is why I absolutely love that Control had a surprising cosplay interest at the show! We had two fantastic cosplayers from the community turn up as beloved characters; the first was Sarah who rocked it as Jesse Faden, and the second was our Community Spotlight for October, the wonderful James Bowers who portrayed the eccentric Dr Casper Darling.

What I love about James' portrayal of the scientist his the ability to absolutely capture the character. As well as having a likeness to Darling, in all of the photos of him at the event, there's that genuine excitement about the show that was really wonderful to see and matched the character so well. The cosplay itself is without a doubt stunning too, creating a perfect tribute to the character. The white lab coat and bowtie are a perfect match, complimenting the knit cardigan below. The identical round glasses are a nice touch, as is the custom-made ID card and FBC patch. All of these elements are so clearly carefully put together and works brilliantly! He really did a fantastic job!

If you were wondering, the cosplay presence at the show was an opportunity that was not missed by 505Games, and James got some definitely well-deserved Control goodies for his costume!

Ahead of his cosplaying debut, we reached out to James to see if he was available for a quick interview as we were (and are!) excited to learn more about how his cosplay came about and if he has any further plans convention plans. As we're delving into one of the busiest seasons, we couldn't find the time to do the interview just yet, but we're still very interested and looking to published our Q&A with him soon. Stay tuned for more! In the meantime, you can follow James' adventures on Twitter at @jimmysbowers


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