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28th November 2019
Black Friday Sales with Remedy Titles

I hope those who celebrate it had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day filled with all the very best things!

Amongst the festivities, several stores have already started their Black Friday sales, for that sweet, sweet November profit. There are also a number of stores taking part in well-timed, but definitely-not, Black Friday sales throughout the next two weeks. Plenty of Remedy titles are included in the sales, which span Steam, The Humble Store, and XBOX Store so if you haven't completed your collection yet, check them out below:

- The Steam Sale
Steam's Autumn Sale is lasting through to December 3rd at 10 PST. The list of discounted games includes Death Rally (1996), the first and second Max Payne titles either together for 70% off or individually at 65%, and a hefty 75% off for Quantum Break.

- The Epic Store Black Friday Sale
Taking place between November 22nd - December 2nd, is The Epic Store's Black Friday Sale. Both Alan Wake AND Alan Wake's American Nightmare are 80% off. If you're a PC gamer and you've yet to explore the darkest depths of Bright Falls or Night Springs, check out the sale!

- Humble Store's Fall Sale 
The Humble Store's Fall Sale has now kicked off, with impressive discounts across a number of amazing titles including the Max Payne series which is now 65% off and Quantum Break which is 75% off.

- XBOX Store's Black Friday Sale
If you're an XBOX owner, you can grab Control at 25% off (35% off for Gold Members) as well as Quantum Break at 65% off (75% off for Gold Members) with the new XBOX Black Friday Sale

Backstage Rock Shop
And finally, if you're a fan of Poets of the Fall, their online store is running a store-wide sale. The band's personal page includes price reductions on t-shirts, hats, and LPs. If you're looking for some new Old Gods/Poets goodness, make sure to check it out! 


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