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12th December 2019
Control Launches In Japan!
Local Publisher, Marvelous, Releases Title on PS4

If you live in Japan, today’s the day! Distributed by local publishers, Marvelous, Control is now out in Japan on PlayStation 4.

Earlier in the year, Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, travelled to Japan for Toyko Games Show in which he showcased the new version of the game to the press. Originally announced for an "Autumn 2019" release at E3 2019, the game received the more solid launch date at the Tokyo-based event where it was scheduled for a December-launch. You can check out all of the announcements from TGS, HERE! Or visit the official Japanese version of the Control website, HERE

[Quick Note: 
While there doesn't appear to be a full audio localisation so all of the voices are in the original English language, it has received a full translation for subtitles and interface.]

We hope everyone who is picking up the game today has managed to avoid spoilers about the title, and we’re excited that you finally have an opportunity to get your hands on the title.

While many of us have gotten the opportunity to check out the game prior to the Japanese launch, today is still an occasion to celebrate with new members joining our community.

To celebrate the release of the new title, PlayStation Japan has uploaded a brand new trailer for the game, which you can check out below:


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