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19th November 2019
Sergey Mohov Joins Control Discord Server AMA
[Senior Game Designer]

Later this evening, Control's Senior Game Designer, Sergey Mohov will be answering community questions on the game's official Discord server

If you have any questions about the title's development, especially from a game design perspective, or about the studio following the launch of the game, make sure to join him on the server at 8pm EET (6pm GMT).

Click HERE to join the group! 

Getting Started on the Server
If you haven't already joined, getting started on Discord is pretty easy as you can set up a free account in just a couple of minutes. When you join the server, you will have to wait ten minutes until your account becomes unlocked. For new accounts joining the Discord, you will need to join the FBC Agents team before you're able to post and join the discussions. Getting there is pretty simple, just type ".iam FBC Agents" (on its own and without quotation marks) into the text box of the #roles channel. You should be all ready to go then!

You can see if your request has gone through smoothly as the Pope bot will post "USERNAME You now have FBC Agents role." in bold underneath. If it doesn't go through, it might be because you typed "agent" instead of "agents", converted "iam" to "im", went back to edit your post after noticing a typo, or (I did this originally) put the group name in the same post as my pronoun. If you have any queries or issues, let one of the community team or mods know. If there is a typo, that's no problem, just post it again.

Other Remedy Communities

Of course, if you're joining Discord, there are also a number of wonderful community Discord servers already established with a closely knitted group of fans looking for new members. These channels include Kristy's Alan Wake server, Charlie's Quantum Break server, and the Control community server.


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