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15th November 2019
Control Wins "Critics' Choice Award" Golden Joystick

The 37th Annual Golden Joystick Awards were held this evening in London (England) and Remedy did not leave empty-handed!

Going into the show, Control was nominated in four categories including Best Storytelling, Best Visual DesignBest Audio, and Ultimate Game of the Year, with Remedy nominated for an additional award for Best Studio. With tough competition, voting opened to the public in mid-September and remained open for over a month.

While Control held a strong fight, the trophies were awarded to the amazing teams behind titles such as Days Gone (Best Storytelling), Resident Evil 2 (Best Audio & Ultimate Game of the Year), and Devil May Cry 5 (Best Visual Design). But 505Games and Remedy's presence at the show may have indicated a surprise in the works... 

While Control may not have won in the announced categories, the title did win Critics' Choice Award with the studio's Head of Communications, Thomas Puha, collecting the trophy on stage. Unfortunately, not all of the devs in attendance at the show made it to the announcement to ensure they caught their flight back to Helsinki but caught the news at the airport.

Congratulations to the team, developers both past and present, who worked towards bringing the title to life! You're amazing!

To celebrate the achievement, the amazingly talented Omed Hani on Twitter created this wonderful (and updated!) piece of Control fan art, which is perfect for the occasion:
Click HERE to see the full list of winners.

Critics' Choice Award Reveal:

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