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14th November 2019
Remedy Reveals New Dedicated Discord Server Following Forum Closure

Today Remedy's Media Unit announced the launch of the studio's Discord Server replacing the Remedy Community Forums following its closure last month.

The forums were previously the central hub of the community for over fifteen years. Because of the nature of the boards, it featured a lot of irreplaceable content from in-depth details on all Alan Wake announcements, to community projects, exclusive interviews, and fan projects. Ourselves and many other fans were sad to see the forums close, but Remedy hopes that the new Discord server would recreate a similar bridge that the previous community hub had established.

Prior to the launch, Remedy reached out to a small handful of active community members to be moderators for the newly established server, so there will be a number of familiar faces from the start, including PayneReactor's Patrick. The team also advertised open moderator positions for both the Control and Remedy servers just prior to its announcement.

If you're interested, you can join the Official Remedy Discord Server, HERE


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