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13th October 2019
Community Creations Celebrating the Launch of Control

It's been just over a month since Control launched on XBOX One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via the Epic Store) and since then we've seen so many GORGEOUS pieces of artwork inspired by the series from so many talented artists.

As there was a lot going on just after launch, we wanted to return to those pieces and spotlight them in their own post. From amazing cosplays to detailed digital artwork, and even some stunning traditional sketches, make sure to check out the artists and their work below!

Full list of artists spotlighted:
03roku (Community Spotlight), EvilOwlLoki/Loe_Loe_Lie (Community Spotlight), Kuvshinov_Ilya, lazesummerstoneKopfstoffKate JFriday Ivyslowpenguin_cosDave Stokes, BoskNadine, SimylittleinksheepXEECEEVEVOVeggie Nightmare (Community Spotlight), Melfpic/Melissa (Community Spotlight), Kari Sällinen, Thomas Chen, chutrulu, Will Long, Mudra Roy, Chong Wey Ming, rsiitonen, sk3tchforg3r, DEMONIC MEDIA, and Fraser (Community Spotlight).


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Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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