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16th October 2019
Control's Photo Mode Is Out Now!

Grab your controllers and get snapping, Control's photo mode is now out!

The photo mode is available in the latest update which launched just hours ago. For PlayStation 4 owners it's update 1.04, for XBOX owners it's, and for PC gamers it's 1.04.00. 

If you've checked out photo modes in games such as Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, or Horizon Zero Dawn, you should be able to pick up the controls and skills quickly! Players will be able to alter the shot by panning, rolling the camera, or by changing the focus distance, the aperture, or the field of view. Players can also change the subject of the shot by hiding Jesse or other characters, for moments when you just want to focus on the weird and wonderful FBC. Plus there will be a selection of filters to help you get the perfect tone.

In addition to the photo mode, the update brings a series of new changes including bug fixes, combat and gameplay improvements, improved stability across all platforms, and subtitle fixes across multiple languages. There was also fixes to specific scenes which had seen issues such as Remus not appearing at NSC Energy Converters, and enemy tracking issues during a Board Countermeasure. Sections where Jesse could get trapped also saw some tweaking and if you encountered a game crashing bug near the Prime Candidate Program, that's been fixed too!

Read the full launch article on the Control website, HERE.

To celebrate the launch of the new update, Remedy has teamed up with Lochlan Miller and ChrisInSession for a themed photo mode competition. From October 17th to November 8th, gamers can submit their entries using the hashtag #ControlPhotoComp. There can only be one submission per person per category. The categories are 1) portrait, 2) landscape, or 3) combat. Check out the full details in the tweet below!


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