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30th September 2019
Community Spotlight: Kicky's Rocking Take Control Artwork

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights and celebrates amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. In 2018 we switched things up a little with each month having its own spotlighted fan and fan project. This year we're continuing the tradition, and for September we're excited to be focusing on Omed, a talented artist, who online he often goes by his username, Kicky (DeviantArt & Twitter)

If you've been active in the Remedy community this past month, there's a very good chance that you've already seen Omed's work. Just after approaching him for the Community Spotlight, Patrick at PayneReactor also discovered and shared the artwork on Twitter, praising the artist behind the piece. His tweet was later picked up by the Official Control Twitter channel and was shared by a number of developers on the game including  Juha Vainio (Remedy's Executive Producer) and Sam Lake (Remedy's Creative Director). The burst of attention collected "likes" that delved well into triple digits, a well-deserved reaction for the artist and the piece!

The artwork is based on a memorable eight-minute scene from Control set in Ashtray Maze; a place where the ground and walls are constantly moving, exposing new exits and paths, as well as new enemy and threats. At times its level design is not too dissimilar from a kaleidoscope and the whole sequence is impressively executed. One of the most memorable aspects of the level is its musical accompaniment; a brand new custom track by Poets of the Fall as their in-game alter ego, Old Gods of Asgard.

It's easy to believe why Omed chose this specific scene to base his latest piece on, but conveying all of that build-up and atmosphere into just one frame would have been hard to do correctly.

He successfully does it though, and the result is seriously impressive!

View the piece on DeviantArt, HERE

The artwork is beautifully designed with Jesse quite literally taking centre stage in her unlockable Janitor uniform (a nice additional detail), as she listens to the music on her headset, using her brush as a makeshift electric guitar. Her stance and expressive face show a complete absorption into the music, and truly embracing the phrase "dance like no one's watching"... although I doubt anyone would truly complain, her being the Director and all.

It's such a wonderful and fun tribute, fully encapsulating the feeling that all gamers had when they played through that scene. There's an impressive sense of power originating from the artwork, leaving viewers with overwhelming urge to replay the song. From Jesse's rockstar pose to the artist's use of bold colours, combined with the careful use of outlines and a beautifully minimalistic background; all of these elements highlight and naturally bring the eye to the centre of the piece and to its rockstar. Omed did an awesome job!

Interested in how it came to life? You can check out our conversation with the wonderful man himself below!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a 33 years old guy, I live in Kurdistan, North of Iraq. I have a degree in building architecture, but my real passion is art and drawing, so I also work in an animation studio as 2D and 3D artist, but my 3D skills are very humble. And as it may be obvious, I really love video games :)

Where did you get your passion for art?

I've been drawing since I remember! I started drawing at a very early age, pretty much my whole family can draw well, but some of us give it more time. I especially learned a lot from my older brother. And I've been drawing ever since :)

I often draw to relax and collect my mind, it is like going to a cozy place for me.

How did you develop your style (Were there any artists that inspired you?)

Hmm my style, not sure if I have a specific one, because I like to experience different looks, but more recently I like to draw things semi-realistic, with a touch of Manga/Comics, I don't know if it makes sense. :P I also really like drawing chibis, like a miniature version of characters, like this one I did of Jesse. But I keep practising on realistic looks every now and then.

Artists that inspire me are a lot, but ones that had a great impact on me were:

- Takuji Kawano. Who did character art for Tekken and Soul Calibur games. I would go to gallery mode and stare at his drawings and try to take notes.

- One artists who is actually here on DeviantArt, her username is Blitzball. Not only do I like her style, but she was the first artist I met online, and she was so kind to me. :) I owe her a great deal and always mention her.

Close-up of Omed's gorgeous artwork

When you’ve decided to go ahead with an art piece, what’s your process to make it happen? Are there any routines that you have?

Ah yes. Well first, I have to visualize it in my head, what is the character doing? Where and why? Lighting condition? Details?... etc. Sometimes I let it float around for a few days... Even months XD But that doesn't mean it'll be 100% like that, often things change while drawing.

Then I start with very rough sketches and build up from there.

I usually start drawing when I am less likely to be interrupted, and I like to listen to something like music, podcasts, ASMR... etc. Or often soundtrack of the game I am drawing fanart of. Sometimes the soundtrack itself is what inspires me to draw something!

How and when were you introduced to Remedy’s games?

So I've known of Remedy games for a long time now. My brother played the heck out of Max Payne! Then there was Alan Wake, which is very famous, but I would just look from a distance and think "eh not my cup of tea".

Even with Control, I wasn't very sure. Then close to release, I saw a short clip of Jesse floating around and flinging stuff around, and I said that is it! I am buying this lol

But I was actually really surprised by the depth of the world and story, and I loved the constant mystery that kept me wondering, I even read a lot of the files laying around, which I usually ignore in games.

I am now intrigued and want to play Quantum Break some time.

What made you decide to create artwork for Control?

I mean... Take Control! I just had to XD I couldn't believe they did that! However, I still didn't want to spoil it for people who haven't played, so I added that (broomstick)? to make it more confusing. Why is she doing that? Only people who played will understand ;)

What was the most challenge aspect of creating your Control artwork?

First her facial expression, I have tried drawing characters biting their lower lip a lot of times, but it never looks right. Still not sure if this looks right lol

The other thing is the background. I wanted to show that upside-down pyramid, originally it was going to be the light source, but I couldn't make it look good. I redrew it many times before I was happy with the result.

A huge thank you to Omed for taking the time to talk to us! 
If you're not already, you should check his DeviantArt and Twitter out, to keep up to date on all his latest adventures! 


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