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28th September 2019
Poets of the Fall Teases Control Music Video

Poets of the Fall fans! Mark your calendars for this Monday as the band will be releasing something very special in the form of a music video.

The video was originally teased on the band's Twitter page with the caption, "the night of September 30th will come calling...". Later, the group's keyboardist, Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen later added a little clarity to the mystery, revealing on his own page, "if you have been following our posts, or playing Control, you might have a pretty good idea what it is…"

Both tweets were occupying a poster which features a man standing in a suit on the left-hand side. On the right, there's a red rotary phone, similar to the one used by Director Trench and Director Faden, resting on a floral tablecloth boarded by tassels.

For Control, Remedy once again teamed up with Poets of the Fall, a group which they share a long history with. For the game, Poets created a custom track entitled, Take Control, based on a story by Sam Lake and which has become an iconic staple of the game, played during Ashtray Maze. Their song, My Dark Disquiet, from the album, Ultraviolet, is also featured.
Poets of the Fall Teases Upcoming Music Video.


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