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23rd August 2019
Gamescom 2019 Day #4 Wrap-Up!
[New Control Giveaway, Interviews, and Articles]

It's been a busy week for the away team in Cologne, but we're almost at the end of Gamescom 2019, with just one day to go!

A quick reminder to those attending the show tomorrow that the Control booth has sometimes had queues spanning about three hours. While there are plenty of stations available, it has proved exceptionally popular especially with a thirty-minute demo. So make sure to get there early! It's in Hall 7 at the PlayStation booth. Show attendees who visit the booth will also receive a special "Dynamic Black Pyramid" theme for the PS4.

Attending the show. Remedy has a number of developers at the studio including Juha Vaino (Lead Producer), Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer), Minna Etsalo (Senior Graphic Designer), Vida Starčević (Community Manager), and Thomas Puha (Communications Director), along with Sari Lindberg (Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist), Wajhi Jafri (Senior Producer), and Mikaela Öberg-Mattila (HR Director). The developers have also invited a number of influencers to report on the game throughout the week. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on all the announcements during the event with daily wrap-ups like this one!

Getting there. If you need any help finding the convention centre, the event website has a collection of guides ranging from public transport to motorway access, wheelchair accessibility, and also food. Check out the official list of guides, HERE!

New Control Giveaway for Australian Fans

[Open to Australian residents] In our day three wrap-up, we talked a little about Stevivor's amazing competition which is open to fans in Australia and New Zealand. Today another Australian-based website, Press Start, has published their own competition with five Control press packs up for grabs. Unfortunately, it's only open to residents in Australia, but if you can, make sure to enter!

Click HERE to check out the giveaway!
New Interviews

Il progetto più ambizioso di REMEDY! - Cosa dobbiamo aspettarci da CONTROL?
(Translation: REMEDY's most ambitious project! - What should we expect from CONTROL?)
     GameStopZing TV (with Thomas Puha)

Control’s ‘new weird’ aesthetic builds on the likes of Twin Peaks and Annihilation
     PCGamesN (with Brooke Maggs)

Remedy’s Control launches next week, and it looks to be delightfully bizarre even by the standards of the studio which brought us Alan Wake. While fans are still salivating over the possibility of an Alan Wake 2, Control is generating its own buzz as an original title even with its weirdness in mind (the Avengers-style superpowers probably help, too), and narrative designer Brooke Maggs believes that shows like Stranger Things have helped whet appetites for this type of unusual storytelling.

Read the full interview with Brooke, HERE!
New Articles

Gamescom 2019 made me believe in ray tracing again
However, once the graphics card made its way to my doorstep, I had to wait a while to see what ray tracing looked like. This is, of course, while enjoying the amazing 4K gaming performance, so it wasn't all a loss. However, at Gamescom 2019, I got a chance to see what the future of ray tracing will look like, if only just a glimpse. Not only are more AAA games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Watch Dogs: Legion implementing the tech, but games like Minecraft are really taking things to another level entirely.
Read their full article, HERE!

Control was Gamescom’s best Marvel’s Avengers game
Its projectiles thump into targets with a satisfying clout that equals any of Stark’s anti-personnel munitions. They knock enemies off their feet and smear a glowing cloud of pastel-tinted smoke across the space in which your victim formerly stood. And like Stark’s suit, the weapon transforms, switching between functions – whether that’s spraying bullets, shotgun pellets, or micro-missiles – as its form subtly shifts.
Read their full report, HERE!
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