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20th August 2019
Gamescom 2019 Day #1 Wrap-Up!
[Control's Launch Trailer, RTX-Enabled Trailer, & Sale Goals]

Good Evening! Today kickstarted the first day of Gamescom, a day reserved exclusively for members of the press.

Attending the show. Remedy has a number of developers at the studio including Juha Vaino (Lead Producer), Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer), Vida Starฤeviฤ‡ (Community Manager), and Thomas Puha (Communications Director), along with Sari Lindberg (Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist), Wajhi Jafri (Senior Producer), and Mikaela ร–berg-Mattila (HR Director). The developers have also invited a number of influencers to report on the game throughout the week. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on all the announcements during the event with daily wrap-ups like this one!

Getting there. If you need any help finding the convention centre, the event website has a collection of guides ranging from public transport to motorway access, wheelchair accessibility, and also food. Check out the official list of guides, HERE!

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Control Launch Trailer

With Control just a week away, Remedy and 505Games have published their launch trailer featuring the weird and wonderful FBC. The new clips were accompanied with "Madness" by Ruelle, which made the video eerily beautiful. It's definitely one of the best trailers created for the game and gorgeously represents the title.

While the trailer is a fantastic glimpse into the game for new players, if you're a fan looking to avoid spoilers, you may want to give this specific trailer a miss until after you have played the game as it features new environments, creatures, and situations never before shown.

Transcript: "You called me. So here I am." "Things change when you become Director. Something's coming. Something unbelievable, unknowable. Choas of biblical proportions."

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Tero Virtala's Devcom Talk, Predicted Control Sales

While it's slightly rare for developers to talk about sale goals or predictions ahead of launch, in his Devcom talk, Tero Virtala (CEO at Remedy) revealed exactly that for Control. In a report published by PC Games Insider who was in attendance at the talk, Virtala stated that while he couldn't give the exact number for the game, "within one-to-two million units, we will have broken even. After that we are profitable." The game had a budget of between €20 million to €30 million, and has taken three years in development with an average of 100 devs working on the title.

Part of the money raised for the project has been through development fees from 505Games, and partially self-financed as reported in the studios H1 2019 Financial Report. (We are nerds so if you're interested, we've also broken down all of the new information, HERE!)

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Nvidia's Control RTX Trailer

Ahead of event doors opening, yesterday Nvidia released a brand new trailer showcasing Control on PC with RTX enabled. The new trailer is a minute long and can be described more like a short art film; showing off the characters and environments in a cinematic way that emphasize the light and shadows which ray-tracing helps make look more realistic.

All the footage shown in the trailer was recorded with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080.

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Nvidia's Gamescom Giveaway

In addition to the new trailer, Nvidia also has an exciting giveaway planned for this week. Starting today, the company will be giving away a specially selected prize each day for the next seven days. Are you interested? Make sure to follow the Nvidia social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and keep an eye out for prompts to enter.

The prizes include: Cyberpunk 2077 (20th), Minecraft (21st), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (22nd), Watch Dogs Legion (23rd), Wolfenstein Youngblood (24th), Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 (25th), and Control (26th).

For more details, check out the Nvidia Gamescom giveaway, HERE!

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Remedy Mixer Concludes First Day

The day ended with a Remedy Mixer held near the event. While I couldn't find any further information on the event, the studio published a series of photographs on their Instagram stories. If you missed the photos, you can check them out below.

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Event Doors Open Tomorrow To The Public

If you're attending the event, Control will be playable on the show floor in Hall 7, just keep an eye out for the PlayStation both and you can't miss it; it's illuminated with the Control logo. If you're attending the event, you can download the floor plan, HERE, to ensure you catch the action.

Attendees who check out the game at the event will also receive the "Dynamic Pyramid Theme" for the PS4. And if you get your hands on the title, let us know what you think!

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Photographs from the Showfloor


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