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17th August 2019
Control Media Wrap-Up #3 [Ten Days Til Launch]
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Control is just over a week away, and with so many articles and videos, it's time for another media wrap-up.

In case you missed our previous wrap-up, we're aiming to write one or two of these a week as we approach Control's launch, to keep on track with the latest news. Naturally larger stories or reveals will be spotlighted in a separate post just so you don't miss it.

In this latest roundup, we have previews from Kotaku and GameRant. Finland's MTV Uutiset also has a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went on at Remedy as they worked on Control. There's a video showcasing PlayStation Access' top five things they liked about the game. And to finish, we have a number of impressions from YouTubers who were flown to the studio earlier in the month. Check them out below:

[PREVIEW] Control Is Peak Remedy

The simplest thing you can say about Control, and one any Quantum Break or Alan Wake fan would appreciate, is that Remedy's style of bizarre, mystical world building is well and truly back. I had the chance to spend just over three hours with Control last Friday, playing through the start of the game to about halfway through the third mission. That includes the initial setup, where protagonist Jesse Faden discovers the suicide of the previous Director, and the initial experiences with "The Hiss".

Read Kotaku's full preview, HERE!

[WRAP UP] 3 Big Games Coming This Month That Should Excite Horror Fans

While not strictly a horror game, Control does seem to feature plenty of horror elements, with some sections shown in trailers reminiscent of developer Remedy Entertainment's past work, Alan Wake. In Control, players take on the role of Jesse Faden, whose brother Dylan was kidnapped by a secretive government agency called the Federal Bureau of Control. The FBC investigates paranormal occurrences, with their headquarters stationed at a bizarre, shape-shifting building called The Oldest House. When Jesse arrives at the Oldest House, she discovers that it has been taken over by a violent entity called the Hiss that possesses people and even has them floating in the air not unlike the poor souls captured by Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King's It.

Read their full wrap-up, HERE!

[INTERVIEW] Kansainvälisesti arvostetun espoolaisen peliyhtiön h-hetki lähestyy vuosien uurastuksen jälkeen – uutuuspeli Controlin hahmo puhuu avoimen suomalaista rallienglantia / Finnish
     MTV Uutiset

Suomalainen peliteollisuus nähdään usein synonyyminä kotimaisille mobiilipeleille, sillä juuri älypuhelinten yksinkertaisilla peleillä taottiin suuret menestystarinat Supercell ja Rovio. Poikkeus on Espoossa majaileva Remedy Entertainment, joka tekee kalliita ja teknisesti monimutkaisia toimintapelejä tietokoneille ja pelikonsoleille.

Read the full report, HERE.
[PREVIEW] Control PS4 Gameplay - 5 Things We Absolutely Love About It
     PlayStation Access

[PREVIEW] I Flew To Finland To Play Control Pre Release (Giveaway)

[PREVIEW] Retour en FINLANDE ! Visite chez Remedy #CONTROL (sponso)
     Benzaie TV

[PREVIEW] I Got Flown Out to a Video Game Studio!


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