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15th August 2019
505Games On The Look Out for Content Creators

If you're a content creator looking to feature Control, this might be something of interest! 505Games' Influencer Relations, Nelstar, recently posted a tweet looking for new channels to spotlight Remedy's upcoming adventure. If you're interested in getting your hands on a code, there are a number of ways that 505Games recommends:

First of all, you can respond to THIS TWEET with a link to your channel. At the time of writing there are over eight hundred candidates, so even though the competition is tough, but if you can bring something new or an unusual twist you'll certainly be in with a chance.

Following the original tweet, influencer analytics site, Arsenal, advertised on their Twitter page that Control keys will also be distributed through their channel. The service targets live streamers more than other forms of content, but if you're a regular face on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, definitely check it out!

You can find all the details for how to apply for the code in the tweets below:


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