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17th July 2019
XBOX Super Game Sale Includes Quantum Break In Line-up

This week, Microsoft began their XBOX Super Game Sale, with over 700 XBOX One and PC titles now available at a discounted price, with an addition up to 10% off available for XBOX Gold members. If you've been looking to start a new adventure, now is a perfect time.

The list of deals includes Quantum Break on XBOX One and Windows 10! For both console gamers and PC gamers, the title is available at a staggering 75% off, bringing the price of the game down to just £7.49.

Two months ago, XBOX announced the new XBOX Game Pass Ultimate (including XBOX Games Pass for PC & XBOX One plus XBOX Gold), which is currently being offered with three months for the price of one. The XBOX Games Pass for Console also features Quantum Break in its extensive catalogue.

For the full selection of discounted games, make sure to check out the XBOX Super Game Sale on the official XBOX store, HERE.

Sale ends July 29th 2019.


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