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30th May 2019
Remedy's Halloween Livestream Now Available on YouTube

To celebrate the return of Alan Wake to digital marketplaces, last year Remedy scheduled a special Halloween livestream with Sam Lake (former Writer, now Creative Director at Remedy) and Ilkka Villi (live action actor for Alan Wake), which was hosted at the Remedy offices by Vida Starčević (Associate Community Manager), who came dressed as in-game character, Odin Anderson.

While originally broadcast via Twitch, the full hour-long livestream has recently been uploaded to the developer's YouTube channel, allowing fans who missed the show on Twitch to catch it! You can check it out below:

Alan Wake was originally removed from stores in May 2017 following the expiration of the music licensing previously negotiated by Microsoft during the title's development. The game returned to marketplaces in October 2018 on PC, but unusually the XBOX edition seems to be missing from the Microsoft Store. We've reached out to the publishers regarding its absence but have yet to hear back.

Alan Wake is now available on Steam, The Humble Store and GOG! And if you're interested in following Remedy's future broadcasts, make sure to check out their Twitch channel for more information.


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