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29th May 2019
Alan Wake's Ninth Anniversary Community Celebrations [Wrap-Up!]

Earlier this month, the community celebrated another milestone with the ninth anniversary of Alan Wake! As always, we're returning to the day of celebrations, new artwork, retrospectives, and more with a brand new wrap up.

Following the events of the day, Remedy also compiled a wrap up of community contributions, collecting posts using their hashtag #9yearsofalanwake. You can check out their coverage, HERE.

The day started with a lovely and nerdy tribute by Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake, and one of two writers at Remedy for Alan Wake:

From digital artwork to traditional artwork, the amount of hand-drawn creations coming in for the milestone has been incredible! 

I love the adorable Barry Wheeler with its soft colours from Nati, and Carla's cute birthday gif with their little expressive faces. There's also stunningly detailed work as always by Kristy, careful and detailed sketches by Jake, bittersweet art by Fraser, eye-catching work from Evergreen, and mesmerising work by Melissa (melfpic). Tom's coffee thermos model is a nice flashback to caffeine-filled nights searching for that final 1% for the Hypercaffeinated achievement. We also got a wonderful flashback to some of Mary's incredible past work, and an atmospheric collage by Karen! Check out the gorgeous pieces below!

There was also a brilliant retrospective which took an in-depth look at the title!

We've mentioned about Mister No Life's fascinating and in-depth retrospectives in the past but this month he was back with something extra special; an hour-long look back at the 2010 title. For the video, he delves deep into the levels, exploring what works and what he would change, and his favourite moments from the title.

In addition to all of the artwork and videos, a couple of community members also shared photographs of things they created; a live-action set, and a photograph of permanent memento!

SpecialAgentR's created a wonderful tribute to the game with their replicated set. The items in the photographs include a series of torches, a flare gun, Bright Falls postcards from the PC special edition of the game, and a selection of manuscript pages; definitely capturing that Alan Wake-vibe! The second fan is Jack (JonathonGarrad on Twitter) who shared his beautiful game-inspired tattoo that he got inked four years ago and which looks amazing!

Finally, we have a series of screenshots capturing the eerily beautiful world of Alan Wake

There was amazing work by Tina, Mefiul, and Phoenix, who all posted gorgeous screenshots, each carefully framed and recorded, and beautifully demonstrates the importance of light and darkness.


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