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23rd May 2019
PS4 Control Expansion Pack Only a Timed Exclusive

Control's console exclusivity has been a tricky and sensitive subject in the community in recent months.  In addition to the one-year exclusivity to the Epic Store for PC gamers, there are also a number of platform exclusive items which are great if you're a PlayStation owner but... less so if you play on PC or XBOX One, especially as the pre-order price looks to be the same across all three platforms. Given Remedy's previous titles, and Control marking the developer's first game on the PlayStation in over fifteen years, it's understandable why some fans might feel a little left out.

For fans who pre-order Control on the PlayStation 4, there are four different versions; two physical editions and two digital editions. There are some in-game mods, unlockable outfits, themes, and avatars available, but the thing which stands out is the exclusive mission. There are also two additional DLC packs coming post-launch; The Foundation and AWE, both of which will launch on all three platforms.

In a recent interview with WCCFTech, the topic of exclusive content was bridged with Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, who expanded on the timed ownership for the exclusive mission; "So there’s one exclusive mission in the digital deluxe PS4 version, and then the expansion pass is kind of tied to that. But outside of that, one costume, the side mission, and the digital themes, the game is the same on all platforms, and all the expansion pass will be available on all platforms, but I can’t say what the exclusivity window is, except it’s not very long. So, again, we’re consumers as well at Remedy and the core game is the same for everybody. Again, many publishers and business reasons for doing certain things."

You can read the full interview with Thomas on WCCTech, HERE.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the exclusive DLC soon!


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