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19th May 2019
Remedy Sales on Steam, The Humble Store, and The Epic Store

This weekend, there are a number of sales across Steam, The Humble Store, and The Epic Store, all of which features discounts on a number of beloved Remedy titles. If you're looking to treat yourself or convert a friend, it's a pretty perfect time to do it!

Up first is the Steam Sale! Steam is running a Post-Apocalyptic Sale this weekend with titles such as Fallout4, XCOM 2, and Bioshock Infinite. Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are also part of the discounts with a fantastic 75% off! The price reduction also affects the Alan Wake Collector's Edition (Alan Wake plus the Collection Edition pack) and the Alan Wake Franchise (Alan Wake Collector's Edition, plus Alan Wake's American Nightmare) editions. Sale ends Monday 20th at 10am PT.

- Click HERE to view the Alan Wake deals!
- Click HERE to view the Post-Apocalyptic Sale!

Next, The Humble Store! In addition to supporting charity, this weekend you can also pick up a copy of Max Payne or Max Payne 2 at 65%! Quantum Break is also part of the sale at an amazing 75% off! The titles are part of the store's Spring Sale, and all three are redeemed through a Steam key, so a Steam account is vital.  Sale ends Thursday 23rd at 10 PT.

- Click HERE to view Max Payne on Humble!
- Click HERE to view Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne on Humble!
- Click HERE to view Quantum Break on Humble!

Finally, we have the Epic Store! If you're looking to pre-order Control on PC, the Epic Store currently features the game with a 20% discount, dropping the price by £10. The game is on sale as part of the Store's Epic Mega Sale. By pre-ordering the game, you can also unlock the Tactical Gear Outfit for Jesse, and the Crafting Resource Pack. The game will later be released on Steam, but if you're looking to check out the game on its release date, it's a pretty good deal! 

Click HERE to view Control at Epic! 
Click HERE to view the Epic Mega Sale!


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